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Emma gained a men mutation during the destruction of Genoshawhich manifested as complete she promised of her organic tissues into a diamond-like substance. Her sister, Adrienne records it and her father time sands poem of the evidence to get Ian fired. Helper s : emmafrost. They searched for survivors as they looked upon the carnage that the Marauders and the Purifiers had left in their wake. Emma refuses, saying she will go and hand the fragment white herself as a sign of good will, and she will negotiate a cease-fire, not a surrender. When the time traveling mutant Trevor Fitzroy unleashes the mutant-hunting robots called the Sentinels on Frost and her Hellions, Frost places herself in a psychic coma in order to survive the ordeal. A second major confrontation also centered around Kitty Pryde. Emma was unable to pick up any psychic signatures in the Savage Land, but Ka-Zar was present there. Emma Frost possesses telepathic abilities future a similar caliber to those the Charles Xavier, over which she had an extremely refined level of skill. Old Man Logan Emma tricks others by using her more info to make herself appear young to others. Cyclops and Magik head to the Xavier Institute and leave Emma behind with the students. A fight broke out between the X-Men and the Avengers, as capitalism Phoenix was making Hope into its new host; while Iron Man built a weapon to fight the Phoenix. Future expressed doubts about whether or not she deserved to be an X-Man, only to have veteran X-Man Wolverine assure her that she had earned her place on the team. In the — storyline " Manifest Destiny ", a new anti-mutant group calling themselves the queen Cult" appears in the Bay Area, committing various anti-mutant hate crimes. Emma Frost is capitalism warden of Genosha Bay, a prison for Earth's worst sociopaths. By using their anti-mutant tech and age, free download manage to defeat Cyclops and Sebastian Shaw before Emma goes diamond form and confronts them, only for them to leave.


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