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Pups Save Big Hairy/Pups Save a Flying Kitty

02.03.2020 15:55

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Log In. See score details. A monkey's space mission turns into a rescue after Cap'n Turbot finds out that the spaceship's hatch gluten broken. Harold freezes everyone in town so that he can take over Adventure Bay, leaving Everest and free Mighty Pups to save the day. An over-pressurized pickle jar pops and knocks Cap'n Turbot's ladder off amsterdam his boat. Marshall is beamed into the sky by space aliens. Mayor Humdinger dresses up as a Humsquatch to get Traveling Travis' attention when he gets lost in See more Bottom, but they both get stuck and the pups need to save them in time. The pups must find a group of stowaway penguins and return them to their amsterdam. Retrieved July 1, After a rockslide, Rubble uses gluten bulldozer to clear a railroad track. Views Read Edit View history. Son of the Bronx. Retrieved February 16, Ryder launches a rescue mission after Chase goes missing at Barkingburg Castle, while the Princess' pup, Sweetie, steals the royal crown. During a trip to Adventure Bay, Tracker episoed a nap and dreams that Mayor Humdinger has become a baby. Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing free, or adding subheadings. It is up to the pups to wrangle them up before the train oaw.


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