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Print Friendly. The White Queen is a powerful telepath. Xavier himself considers Emma to be a telepath of prodigious talent. The White Queen also uses her powers to create realistic illusions with apparent ease. She uses the latter power to mask her presence from those around her, to alter her appearance, and to cause people to experience events which are not actually occurring.

Unlike Xavier, the White Queen has no compunctions about using any of these powers for her personal benefit. While under attack in Genosha, a latent, secondary mutation activated in Emma. She now has the ability to turn her entire body into a diamond-like material. This is most useful for defensive purposes. Once the power has been activated, she may not use any of her normal telepathic abilities, except the purely defensive ones.

Turning the power off, immediately returns all her abilities to her. There are no other negative effects from her secondary mutation. Emma is an experienced teacher and mentor of mutants. She also has an extensive background in business management and psychology. Furthermore, Emma is also highly skilled in electronics, and has created many sophisticated machines, including a device to enhance psionic powers, used by Mastermind during the Dark Phoenix saga.

The White Queen is a member of a wealthy, aristocratic Boston family. The family made its fortune in the New England shipping and merchant trades during the XIX th century.

She employed her telepathic abilities for unfair competitive advantage and personal financial gain. She has frequently boasted of using her powers in this manner. Emma gained control of a previously existing multibillion-dollar corporation, which she renamed Frost International upon becoming the majority stockholder.

Emma maintains a townhouse in New York, a mansion near the Massachusetts Academy, and various other residences. She also owns a fabulous penthouse apartment in San Francisco. Possibly, Emma decided to change the name to Frost Enterprises at some point. The firm also owns properties in Boston, Chicago, Washington D. The Hellions was the name of a team of young mutants recruited and trained by the White Queen Emma Frost. They assist the Hellfire Club achieve its goal of world domination.

Most Hellions appearances took place in the The New Mutants comic book. Although the Hellions were pawns of a ruthless, sinister organization, the team members themselves were not depicted as fearsome enemies of the New Mutants. The relationship between the two teams is best described as a rivalry between competing schools. Nearly all members of the Hellions are now dead, and the team itself has been disbanded.

The eighth student to join was Magma , a former member of the New Mutants who felt she would be happier with the Hellions. They never rejoined the team. Beef and Bevatron were the last members to join. For a period of several weeks, the New Mutants themselves actually became Hellions. Approximately 10 unnamed Hellions were layer briefly shown before they are killed. On several occasions, the White Queen indicated she sought young mutants from around the world, regardless of their power level.

It can be inferred that the nameless teenagers seen in this episode represented a combination of newer recruits and less powerful mutants unsuited to combat training.

Membership is passed on from one generation to the next. They flaunt their disdain for modern moral strictures and to celebrate the decadence and cutthroat spirit of a bygone era. Unknown to most members, the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club has a hidden agenda. They seek nothing less than complete control of major world governments and resources.

The Inner Circle is governed by a small band of ruthless leaders known as the Lords Cardinal. Following a bloody coup led by Sebastian Shaw , a group of powerful mutants assumed control of the Inner Circle and became the new Lords Cardinal. The Inner Circle views mutants as weapons to be used and controlled. They are powerful resources in their quest for world domination.

The White Queen was the Lord Cardinal in charge of mutant recruitment and training. Since those early, failed attempts, the Hellfire Club viewed its continued efforts as a desperate contest with Charles Xavier for the allegiance of young mutants throughout the world. It is mentioned because the actor who played the leader of the Club was Peter Wyngarde, best known for his role as TV detective Jason King. The Marvel version was founded in England in the s. Sebastian Shaw, Emma, and others used their powers to kill Edward Ned Buckman and his associates, wresting control of the Inner Circle from them.

She then captured members of the X-Men and tortured them, but her plans were foiled and the X-Men believed she had been killed by the Phoenix in its Jean Grey incarnation. A second major confrontation also centered around Kitty Pryde. Emma then infiltrated the X-Men and helped the Hellfire Club subdue the team. This episode was resolved off-panel, and the White Queen later remarked that the Mastermind underestimated her courage and determination.

Mastermind went on to stage an ambitious series of insidious behind-the-scenes attacks on Mystique , Rogue still a member of the Brotherhood , and various X-Men. These subtle machinations caused critical repercussions for the lives of several X-Men, but the Emma Frost incident was little more than a minor plot teaser. However, it is interesting to note that the White Queen was the first enemy Mastermind chose to attack after his return to sanity.

A flashback story explains the intense rivalry and mutual enmity shared by these two members of the Hellfire Club. The White Queen later solicited help from the X-Men against a brutal, unknown enemy. Jetstream and Beef were killed immediately, the White Queen and Jean Grey appeared to die, and the remaining Hellions were captured.

Jean Grey, who had transferred her consciousness into the brain-dead body of the White Queen, was rescued by the X-Men. She almost admitted to herself that she formed the Hellions for her personal protection, and to do her dirty work. When she broke into the headquarters of Frost Enterprises, she finally learned that the Hellions were dead. The news devastated her to the point of leading her to ask the security guards to kill her, but Xavier intervened. When the White Queen realized the Hellions had been killed, and that she bore a large measure of responsibility for their fate, she began to confront her private demons.

The process ultimately led to her role as co-teacher of Generation X at the Massachussets Academy and later as a full-blown member of the X-Men. During an attack in Genosha, a latent, secondary mutation activated in her, enabling her to turn her entire body into a diamond-like substance. She currently resides at the Xavier Institute of Gifted Youngsters as a mentor and teacher of mutants, and occasionally leaves for missions with the X-Corporation or to take care of business with the Frost Enterprises.

Emma Frost is an attractive blonde with dark blue eyes who is very conscious about her looks. Thus, she is always seen clad in expensive, classic-style clothing, mostly in white colors. Her style is very similar to traditional English high-society clothing of the th century.

While in her diamond form, she appears to have a glass-like skin, an effect that extends to her make-up, eyes and hair as well. Also, being something of an exhibitionist, she sometimes, even while working, wears white clothing only covering her most private parts, showing lots of skin. An example is a white cotton lingerie set complete with leg step-ups. She may be one of the only characters in the X-Universe who routinely buys her combat uniforms at upscale lingerie shops.

It has also been revealed that Emma has done at least one nose-job as well as had surgically made breast implants. Emma Frost is as icy as her name. Despite her vast powers, she relies primarily on cunning and charisma. She believes everyone has a right to privacy, particularly when it comes to his or her mind. Emma avoids battle, preferring to scheme behind the scenes.

She can be ruthless, but cares deeply for her charges. Until recently, Emma has been portrayed as a cold, scheming villain who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. She never hesitated to use her formidable powers to torture her captives, kill her enemies, or cruelly manipulate anyone who could further her plans in the slightest way. Emma was consistently shown to be driven by greed and a lust for power.

The White Queen is supremely confident in her abilities and disdainful of others. Consequently, she tends to underestimate her adversaries and allies alike. As indicated in a backup story the White Queen also uses her sexual appeal as a weapon.

She wears sexy, revealing costumes to keep men off-balance. Emma feels tremendous guilt and personal responsibility for the deaths of her students. This traumatic realization has led her to join forces with Xavier in training the newest generation of young mutants. She punishes her underlings harshly because she views their failures as her own. Even I learned that. Know any prominent female telepaths in the modern days? Why not let Emma take the limelight as a character with complex motives and hidden agendas as these telepaths go.

An additional twist would be to make the name Saturn Queen a title of honor, derived from the name White Queen. It could be possible then that Emma is really an old legendary relative of Saturn Girl, but that the title was stolen by Saturn Queen at some point in order to promote her own status as a villain. This would further increase the rivalry between Saturn Girl and Saturn Queen and make it into a feud.

As to her modern era exploits, Frost Enterprises is on par with only the likes of Wayne Enterprises and Lexcorp. Thus, the companies will spend much of their time maneuvering around each other.

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