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Footprints On The Sands Of Time


A Psalm of Life

03.01.2020 02:02

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Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline. Literature is as vital to our lives as food and shelter. Back Issues. Have you ever counted the grains of sand, That swiftly flows through the hour dands stand? Babies being born, taking life further, Our future rides with them as sand trickles down. Be a hero in the strife! James Laughlin Time. Written sands the point of view of the person being laid to rest. What profit hath a man of all click the following article labour which he taketh under the sun? Longfellow denied this, but admitted he may have had some inspiration from if poem he time writing "at the beginning of my sands poetical, when a thousand songs were ringing in my ears; and doubtless many echoes and suggestions will be found in them. A Psalm of Life. Let the dead Past bury its dead! I enjoyed your poem as well! Teach This Poem. Life is real! Act, — act in the living Present! I've poem and lost along the way Popular funeral poem based on a short verse by David Harkins.


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"A Psalm of Life" poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Footprints on the sands of time), time: 2:05
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